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Game Fishing In Andaman

Game Fishing In Andaman

Game Fishing In Andaman

Game Fishing In Andaman

Fishing is an adventurous activity filled with fun. This activity is full of suspense and adventure; if you get a water body like Andaman waters, what more you need? Andaman seas are ideal for performing fishing and enjoy the thrill it brings to you. On Andaman seas, you can find different varieties of fish. You can find fish that measure 4 meters in length and weigh 50 kgs! Looks interesting, right? Let us look at the Game Fishing activity of Andaman.

What is game fishing?

Game fishing is the activity of catching fish in the beautiful sea of Andaman. This activity is not preferred by many people not because it lacks the thrill, but it is an expensive affair. This becomes expensive because of the cost involved in chartering a boat, and the equipment used in this activity is costly. You need approximately ten thousand rupees to perform this activity. However, this is an average price, and you can see slight differences in different places. 

Game fishing package in Andaman
The game fishing adventure package in Andaman is recreational fishing to spend some valuable and memorable time. Many people around the world are ready to chase for hours to get the sheer thrill out of this activity. The best part of this activity is you need to release the fish after capturing the same. This is why we can still see the different species of fish in the sea of Andaman. The reason for indulging in the activity can be numerous. But after completing this fun game, you will learn how to do fishing (especially if you are new to fishing), and most importantly, you can learn about the different species of fish. You are probably unable to find these many species in any other places. If you see all varieties of fish here, you will get to know why conserving these species are important. 

Another reason you can see numerous types of fish, including the huge ones, is that the Andaman Islands were out of the exploration of humans till recent times. Commercial fishing is restricting on the Andaman Islands, and hence still we can see big fish that are unable to hold. If you want to explore the ocean of Andaman and catch all types of fish, do not forget to check the reef and creek of the open ocean. To enjoy the activity fully, book the best game fishing activity. Where can you perform game fishing in Andaman?The places such as Neil Island, Havelock Island, Long Island, and Richie’s archipelago offer the ideal fishing grounds for fishing enthusiasts. Out of these places Neil Island and Havelock Islands are famous for game fishing activities in Andaman. Adding to this list, you can also perform this activity in Ruth Land, Cinque Island, to find the fishes in plenty. Several fishing clubs help you choose the best place for your fishing activities. What species of fishes can you find in the Andaman Sea?Andaman is known for different fish species, and it is the home for 280 varieties of edible fishes. It is also famous for rare green turtles and dolphins. The recorded average weight of the fishes here is about 20 to 45 kilograms. Since the restriction on commercial fishing is in place, you no need much luck to caught huge fishes. The commonly available fish species are Spanish Mackerel, bluefin, barracuda, coral trout, sailfish, pilot trevally, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Dorado, Dogtooth Tuna, yellowfin tuna, and Wahoo. The number of fishes is not less, and hence you do not need more time to find the right spot for fishing. 

Some important tips and information about game fishing 

  • Game fishing activity in Andaman costs approximately rupees 10,000 per person. One must have a permit to perform this activity, and Indian citizens can avail of the permit with rupees 500, and it costs rupees 2900 for foreigners. 
  • To start this adventurous trip requires a minimum of six members and a maximum of eight. It is the perfect game to enjoy with family or buddies. 
  • If you opt for performing this activity in Havelock Island, you must start at 8 AM and return by 5 PM if you are looking to click some amazing pics with the fantastic background.
  • Out of many places, Neil Island and Havelock Islands are the best places to carry out this adventure trip. 
  • The fishing community is following the capturing and releasing policy, and you must adhere to this. You should not cause any harm to the ecosystem. Trust me, if you capture and release the fishes, you will get a different feeling, and you would love it. 
  • The wearing of life jackets is mandatory for all the guests during the complete trip. You can take additional drinks or food as per your requirement. 
  • The container is available to keep all your belongings on the boat. 


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