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Why is Andaman called Mini India?

Why is Andaman called Mini India?

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Andaman is an integral part of India. It is 0ne of the union territories, and yearly people visit this land in huge numbers. If you travel on this beautiful Island, you can feel like traveling all Indian states. Here you can see different cultures, people, hear varieties of languages, vivid food, and people of all states. That is why this and is known as mini India. These varieties are not only limited to the people, languages, and food varieties, but you can also find different natural formations. If you want to see the ocean, it is there, hills are there, it is itself an island, beautiful wildlife are present, and even you can witness the active volcano!

In this article, let us see all the varieties of biodiversity and culture that making Andaman mini India.


In Andaman, one of the reasons for calling mini India is here you can see people speaking different languages. The most spoken language here is Bengali, and you can hear Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam. In the trading community of Andaman, you can see Andaman Creole Hindi usage widely. You can witness people of different cultures; different states form a mini India on this beautiful island.

Beautiful Beaches
On this beautiful Island, beaches are everywhere. One of the main reasons why many people visit this place is because of the beautiful beaches it has. Inside of Andaman, there are multiple small Islands, and they are blessed with white sand stunning beaches that make you forget all other things in the world. The famous beaches include Corbyn’s Cove, Wandoor beach. These two beaches are famous in Port Blair, and sea karting is the unique and popular activity of these beaches. If you move to Havelock Island, there you can enjoy Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach, Vijayanagar beach, Kala Pathar beach. All these beaches contain clear water and a serene atmosphere; you can also play numerous water games such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, banana riding, glass-bottom riding, etc. On Neil Island, you can find popular beaches, including Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, Bharatpur beach. 

This is not the end of the list; you can find Pathi Level beach, Kalipur beach, Merk Bay beach, Baludera beach, Lalaji Bay beach, Raman Bagheecha beach, Karmatang beach, Butler bay beach, etc. The list goes on and on and on. You can see all types of beaches on this island, and you no need to travel thousands of miles to see different beaches.

The only active volcano of India – Barren Island In India, you cannot see an active volcano except Andaman. The barren island is where you can see the active volcano, and recently in 2016 and 2017, eruptions were observed. It is not only an active volcano in India but in South Asia. This rare wonder of nature is located just about 135 kilometers away from the northeast of Port Blair. Barren Island is a small island consisting of 3 kilometers wide. The first recorded eruptions were in 1787, and from then, it is attracting millions of tourists from all over India and abroad.  


Wonderful IslandsThe Andaman is the land of Islands. There are multiple tiny islands on this beautiful island, and each one is famous for one or more reasons. The popular island is Neil Island, Havelock Island, Ross, and Smith Island, Diglipur Island, Baratang Island, North Bay Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Ross Island, Barren Island, Cinque Island, Red Skin Island, Inglis Island, Little Andaman Island, Parrot Island, Mayabunder Island, etc. These islands give you a fair idea of how beautiful nature is. These places are frequently visited by thousands of people. Fantastic scenes such as turtle nesting are possible here. You can taste different varieties of food on these islands, including special seafood, varieties of veg foods, etc. Peaks and wildlife This island is not only famous for beaches, oceans, and islands. Here you can even enjoy the highest peak and varieties of wildlife. Saddle peak is situated at North Andaman & Nicobar island. It measures 731 meters, and it is the tallest peak in the Bay of Bengal. This marvelous peak is located in Diglipur, and Saddle Peak National Park is surrounding this peak. The national park is a house for varieties of wild species of flora and fauna. Andaman Spiny Shrew, Andaman Wild Pig, Barking Deer, Blue Whale, Sperm whale are a few unique species you can see in this place. The waterfalls are also available on this beautiful island; White Surf Falls and Whisper waves are famous waterfalls.

Not only this, on this magical land, you can even find the caves that are old and made with limestones. Alfred’s caves are one of the popular limestone caves in Andaman. Trekking in these places gives equal opportunity for the people who needs more adventurous opportunities. 

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