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Beautiful Weather In Andaman


One of the reasons why people enjoy spending their vacations in Andaman is because Andaman has a beautiful weather.

The islands found in Andaman usually have a tropical climate throughout the whole year. On a day-to-day basis, the average temperature should be at least around 23°C and at most 30° C. In general, the islands of Andaman are humid and hot. Make sure you bring light clothes if you travel there.

Even though the temperature may be hot, the breeze of the nature tempers it down. Additionally, there is a dry season in Andaman, around January to April. From June to September, there is usually a rainy season because of the Indian monsoon.

The weather in Andaman is usually pleasant for vacations. It is generally warm and humid. However, the breeze of the trees and ocean will cool you down. Moreover, the dry and rainy seasons should not keep you from going to Andaman.

Weather, 24 May
Andaman And Nicobar Islands Weather

High: +29° Low: +28°

Humidity: 82%

Wind: SW - 41 KPH

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