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The Travel Buddy!

It would be apt to call the Andaman Islands a mark of extensive natural beauty. Probably, this is the reason why every year many tourists find their way towards this archipelago. From Havelock Island to Long Island, the list of places to visit is long enough for you to have fluttering sensations for the times you step out of the airport. Even if you have come for non-tourism reasons, none of them can stop you from inhaling the zeal islands have.
Cab Service in Andaman

Cab Service in Andaman


You have come here to explore! Even if not as a tourist, you still need to travel. That is where you need the cab services, and guess what? The Travel Buddy has taken care of that as well! You can count on us for our Cab service in the Andaman Islands because we offer:

  • Experience

When you are new to a city, every experience counts. At The Travel Buddy, we want to ensure that all you get is a safe and happy experience. Our drivers are licensed and experienced, which means that you can be worry-free and excitement fuelled. 

  • Fair Prices

There can be instances of more demand and lesser vehicles. Of course, you can move in situations like those, but don’t worry about the surge! At Travel Buddy, we want to ensure that all you get are fair prices and a good experience!

  • Perfectly Fit Ride

We understand that when you visit a place, you have come to relax with your close ones. You might have come with your friends, your better half, or on a trip with your entire family. That is why we offer four-seater cabs, six-seater cabs, and twelve-seater cabs. Let us know about your requirements!

We believe that you have come to the islands to seek peace of mind, which the daily hassling routine can blur for you. That is why we want to ensure that local travel doesn’t bring you any bad experience. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, we would be happy to implement them in our cab services in Andaman. 

What else? 

Now let’s come to the steps you need to follow:

Book your ride 

First of all, you need to book your ride. You have to select the cab that fits according to your needs, the occupancy of the people you are.

  • Track it

By tracking, what we mean here is to keep a record of the time and location of the ride. Once the cab has arrived, embark on your fun-filled journey!

  • Enjoy The ride

Now, here comes the major part of your cab journey with us- The Ride! Enjoy it, explore the surroundings, and reach your destination. 

  • Pay 

After you have arrived at your destination, next you need to do is pay. Wait!! Remember that we have made sure that you get fair prices.

  • Share your experience

Your experience matters the most to us! After all, you are the ones we serve. After your ride, don’t forget to share feedback on our services with us!

How was your ride? Share your feedback with us here!

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