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Wonderful Andaman Islands!

Things to do in the Wonderful Andaman Islands!

Things to do in the Wonderful Andaman Islands!

Wonderful Andaman Islands!

differs dramatically from the rest of the country. It’s a place where individuals searching for truly unique experiences will find plenty of possibilities. The Andaman Islands are the ideal vacation spot, with a sunny sky, golden beaches, turquoise oceans, and unspoiled scenery. There are many attractions and activities that you can only see in the union territory. Andaman & Nicobar Island’s tranquillity is certain to take your breath away, thanks to its diverse flora and wildlife. So take a look below for the finest things to do in the Andamans to make the most of your visit.

Dive beneath the waves at Cinque Island:

This is an excellent site for scuba diving in India due to its emerald green water with visibility of up to 80 feet and a diverse range of flora and wildlife. It takes an hour to get there from Port Blair, whether by vehicle or by boat, although I suggest the latter. In addition, visiting this desolate territory requires authorization from the Forest Department, so you can understand how special it must be. It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities in Andaman & Nicobar.

Observing the Mysteries of Bioluminescence:

One of the most thrilling things to do in Andaman is to watch one of nature’s most exquisite joys, bioluminescence. Havelock Island, one of the numerous destinations to visit in Andaman, has a lot of bioluminescence along the beaches; the only catch is that you have to go on a moonless night to see it. This natural beauty can be discovered on the beach, or kayaking tours can be arranged to get a closer look.


Trekking at Andaman

Andaman isn’t usually associated with trekking, but Madhuban is ideal for it. Madhuban is an adventurer’s paradise, with lush green woods, indigenous flora and animals, and amazing natural beauty. Another very popular path connects Madhuban with Mount Harriet (the archipelago’s highest mountain). This hiking demands your attention with its zig-zag paths, wooden bridges, and deep forest cover all around you.

Boat Ride on a Banana:

Boat Ride

The iconic banana boat trip is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things to do in Andaman. This is a safe, inexpensive, and, most importantly, enjoyable activity for the entire family. There will be a trainer onboard, and you will be given a thorough safety briefing as well as life jackets and all other essential safety equipment. These rides are available practically anywhere on the island and may be taken as many times as you desire. Speed boating, jet skiing, and kayaking are among more water sports activities.

Pay a visit to the Cellular Jail:

The jail, once referred to as Kala Pani (black water), was used by the British to house political prisoners. V.D. Savarkar was the most prominent liberation fighter imprisoned here. Looking back at our pre-independence history is always fascinating, and this jail is one of the living reminders of that era’s existence. It’s easy to picture the horrors that the inmates at Kala Pani went through while they were locked up behind those iron bars. If you are touring the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you must pay a visit to the cellular jail.   


An underwater stroll between North Bay Island and Havelock Island is one of the most popular attractions in Andaman. The stroll takes you up and personal with corals and fish while you wear a helmet that allows you to breathe normally. Imagine a fish hanging over your head and floating beside you when you’re walking. The feeling of being in an entirely another habitat. It certainly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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