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Scuba Diving In Andaman: Your Getaway Underwater

The archipelago of Andaman can tranquillize anyone who decides to visit it. Beaches, wind, and the ocean, it has everything that one needs for an escape. Adding to it, diving into the depth of water can be another way here. Yes, we are talking about Scuba Diving! Being one of the most known water sports across the globe, Scuba Diving is a must-do activity when on the islands. So, let’s explore the world of Scuba Diving in Andaman here!

Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba Diving might appear to be complex and filled with risks to some people. However, in reality, it is a safe sport that permits people of all kinds to dive safely. Now, out of all other places, what makes Andaman a spot for you?
First of all, the water in Andaman is home to an abundance of coral and marine mammals. When you have already come this close, how can you not take the opportunity to feel them in real? Feeling the warmth inside the clean ocean while discovering the visibility underwater, do you not want that? By reaching the edges of the shore, if you have started feeling edgy before diving too deep underwater, you can still find a variety of fish and corals.
If you choose to take a glance with a snorkel, even without going beyond 7 feet, you can still find yourself in a garden over reef beds with marine life.
By now, if you have chosen to explore scuba diving in Andaman, let’s take a look at the top islands for your diving experience. Being in Andaman, don’t miss out going to the deeper sites of the sea. Even though there are several options for Scuba diving, we recommend you to explore North Bay area and Havelock Island.
North Bay is a sequestered island, which has clear water surrounding it. You can also find yourself surrounded by astonishing views, white sand, and tropic trees. However, if you dive into the cyan coloured water, you will find yourself among the coral settlements and less-found species of fish.
Coming to Havelock island, it is one of the highly visited travel destinations of these archipelago. It will take you to the lives underwater. All in all, signing in for Scuba Diving in Andaman is like stepping forward for warm experiences.

What are the Steps Involved In the process?

To begin your scuba diving in Andaman, you first need to reach us, your travel buddy!
The process of Scuba Diving is not rocket science! After filling the enrolment form with us, the next thing you need is surface training and water training. Well, don’t worry about that because our instructors will take care of it. From arranging the equipment to making sure you’re under professional’s supervision underwater, Travel Buddy takes care of it all!
Scuba Diving In Havelock
Scuba Diving In Andaman

How Can We Help?

Being your Travel Buddy, we aim to make your trip to Andaman remarkable. For this, we want to be the one stop shop for your travel needs. Scuba diving, which is meant to be the getaway for you, will be taken care of too. Swaraj Island or Havelock Island has different spots, including Aquarium, Mac Point, Barracuda City, and Seduction Point. If you want to explore the Neil Islands, K Rock and Margherita’s Mischief, Junctions, and Bus Stop can be your spot. At Port Blair, you can dive deep into the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor and Jolly Buoy. Cinque Island, Passage Island, Rutland Island, and Little Andaman Island can take you to the lovely rocks and colourful fish.

You need to choose the spot to dive into, the rest will be taken care of by us!

At The Travel Buddy, we will equip you with gears, guides, and training. If you want to record it, either with pictures or videos, we will take care of that as well. In your entire way underwater, our experienced diving instructor will be there for you. Being dedicated to serving you, we have taken care of professional standards as by SSI and PADI. We will accompany you towards the world underwater.


Note: We suggest pregnant women, people with heart conditions, hyper, or other medical conditions should avoid scuba diving. We also advise visitors with health conditions connected to their respiratory and circulatory system, congestion, cold, or influence of alcohol and drugs to not go for Scuba diving. 

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