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Ross Island

Ross Island: Things To Do & How To Reach

Ross Island: Things To Do & How To Reach

Ross Island

For years, Ross Island has been gracing the splendid assortment of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It has become one of the natural wonders that people love to visit now and then. There were even times during the colonial period when Ross Island served as the managerial headquarters of the British Empire. During World War II, the Japanese also took control of Ross Island out of their strategic benefits and thus left traces. All of the events mentioned above have added immense historical allure to the tourism prospects of Ross Island. 

While visiting the island, you will get the opportunity to indulge in several intriguing activities. The colonial powers have left behind the remnants. You can explore them during your trip in order to relive the bygone era. You can also venture into the nature reserve of the island in order to be entertained by the captivating flora and fauna of Ross Island. The ruins of colonial churches and other buildings add graceful beauty to the charming location. In one way or the other, Ross Island holds a place of great historical and cultural importance. Read on to get an idea of things you can do on your trip to Ross Island. 

If you want to experience the simplicity of life in its most humble adobe, make a visit to Ross Island in 2022. It is the best place for people who wish to spend some quiet moments in the lap of Mother Nature. If you are looking forward to spending some of your evenings by the beach and the nights under a starry sky, Ross Island is where you need to be right now. Ross Island has now been renamed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island. 

If you are planning a trip to Ross Island, here’s our list of top things to do on Ross Island. 

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum:

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is proclaimed the Fisheries Museum of Ross Island. The place is known all over India for providing shelter to a plethora of aquatic species, including rare fishes. It is actually the Indian Navy that operates the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum. There are five stunning exhibition rooms that showcase the history, geography, anthropology, and aquatic life of Ross Island. A phenomenal skeletal framework of a majestic blue whale lies outside the Museum. The place offers its tourists an opportunity to experience the diverse ecosystem, including aquatic life, plants, and animals. 

Ross Island’s Panel Colony: 

This place is considered a location of confinement for the Indian revolutionaries. These individuals were the locals who sparked the revolution against the British government’s bullying antics. During the colonial period, the British exploited Indian locals in all possible ways, whether be social, religious, or economic. This place was more like a prison where Britishers used to lock the prisoners. During the colonial period, about 200 prisoners were staying behind bars at Ross Island’s Panel Colony. You may have found the history of this place quite depressing. Panel Colony has undoubtedly a certain aura about it, and you must visit it during your trip to Ross Island. 

Gandhi Park:

This place is located in the main portion of the city. It is one of the best places on Ross Island where tourists can spend some time in the revitalizing aura of the park. The Gandhi Park is known for symbolizing excellent architectural skills. With the mixture of invigorating flora and fauna and pristine lake, we can say that this place holds a unique place in the hearts of tourists. If you are a nature lover, it will be an ideal place for you. You will get to enjoy a peaceful walking trail along the lake and some fascinating fun activities. 

How to Reach: 

You can reach Ross Island easily via all means of transportation. It is because Port Bair is well-connected to nearly all important cities of India, including Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and many others. 

By Air:

Veer Savarkar International Airport is the nearest airport to Ross Island. From Port Blair, it is around 5 km away. Inter-island helicopter services are also available for locals as well as tourists travelling to different islands. 

By Water

Taking a ferry is considered one of the best and most fun ways to reach Ross Island. You can either take a short ride on a boat from Phoenix Bay Jetty or choose to take private ferries. 

By Road

If you want to reach Ross Island by road, there are several buses that connect Port Blair to places nearby Ross Island. 

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