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Diglipur Tourist Destination Andaman Islands!

Learn About the Diglipur- the main tourist destination in the Andaman Islands!

Learn About the Diglipur- the main tourist destination in the Andaman Islands!

Diglipur Tourist Destination Andaman Islands!

Diglipur, the biggest town in the North Andaman Islands, frequently goes undetected due to its proximity to other renowned tourist spots Havelock and Port Blair. However, the distance may be what makes Diglipur so unique and exciting. There are numerous ways to actively spend your vacations here, with its rich vegetation and animals, natural parks, and vibrant marine life. Diglipur is a delight for everybody, from hiking the highest hill in the Bay of Bengal to seeing the stunning twin islands of Ross and Smith, seeing an active mud volcano, and watching turtles’ nest and hatch on beautiful sandy beaches. Take a look at the list below to get a better idea of how you may enjoy the island and everything it has to offer.

The following are the top things to do in this city:

Diglipur’s Best Attractions

The Andaman Islands are more than simply sea and sand, contrary to popular belief. Attractions in the north demonstrate that the islands have a lot more to offer. Diglipur resembles a massive outdoor adventure amusement park developed specifically for nature enthusiasts.

Visit Active Mud Volcanoes on a Hike!

Diglipur’s Mud Volcanoes are natural wonders concealed within deep forest cover. Such, like their Baratang counterparts, are tiny muddy craters formed by natural gasses generated by decomposing organic materials underneath, progressively pushing the mud upwards. Most of the time, there is merely a mound of dried mud and little bubbling puddles.

Climb Saddle Peak!

The highest peak in the Bay of Bengal archipelago, Saddle Peak, stands at 732 meters. The dense rainforest is home to approximately 13 unique bird species, 36 indigenous bug species, and 6 indigenous tree species, making the environs a bio-diverse natural wonderland. Due to the obvious richness of the forest region, it is currently designated as a National Park, with lovely aerial views of the adjacent islands for those who make the difficult hike. The ascent is 8 kilometers long and steep.

Take a dip at Ross and Smith!

A tiny fifty-meter-long sand bar connects these stunning twin islands. During high tide, this silky white sand bar sinks into the sea and then rises more during low tide. Its mild seas are crystal clear, and the untamed pristine beaches are among the most photogenic on the islands. One greatest aspect is that the beach is rarely crowded, so you can enjoy the entire scene to yourself most of the time. Ross Island is covered in deep trees and can only be reached by traversing a sandbar, which is a risky undertaking.

At Kalipur Beach, you may see turtles nesting and hatching!

You’ll probably be able to see turtles breeding and hatching if you visit Diglipur between December and April. Four species of sea turtles come to Kalipur to lay their eggs, making it one of the few beaches in the world where they may do so. The government has established a hatchery there for this reason, and if you’re lucky, you could see turtles laying eggs late at night or newborn turtles being released into the water early hours of the morning.

The winter months are good for visiting the region since the water is calm and you can travel to destinations. The Travel Buddy can effectively assist you in making the most of your vacation while ensuring you have the most spectacular experience imaginable.

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