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Car Hire in Andaman

How Many Types Of Cabs Are Available In Port Blair?

How Many Types Of Cabs Are Available In Port Blair?

Car Hire in Andaman

Finding the right mode of transportation at your vacation destination is important to make your trip enjoyable. The Andaman Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations that attract hundreds of tourists every year. 

The islands are known for their beautiful beaches and marine life. Plus, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have made an important part in Indian history as well. So, you can see the prints of past in the monuments including Cellular Jail, which is also known as “Kaala Paani”. 

The ferries are one of the common transportation of inter-island travel. If you are visiting the capital city, Port Blair, then you can find cab and bike rental services, which provide easy pickup and drop-off. 

At Port Blair, you will find various cab booking services in Andaman, which help travelers to reach their destination with excellent comfort. However, do you know how many types of cabs are available in the capital city Port Blair?

Cabs In Port Blair

Here we have mentioned all types of cabs below that you need to know. 

  1. Hatchback:

It is one of the common types of cabs that you will find in the city. You will find the hatchback model of Indica and Swift cars, which will allow you to get a ride to your destination. 

The hatchback cabs are suitable for 4 travelers and provide space to carry 2 bags. It provides an ideal space for travelers for a comfortable ride. 

  • Sedan:

You will find sedan models for the vehicles like Dzire, Honda City. It provides a large space for travelers as compared to hatchback cabs. It is suitable for 4 travelers and provides a space to load 3 bags. 

You can carry more luggage in this type of cab and get more space in the car as well. 

  • SUV:

The cars like Xylo, Ertiga offer an SUV model to travelers. When you are traveling in a group, the SUV is always the right option for you. It offers a good space for 6 people and you can load 4 bags in the car easily. 

Book an SUV in the city to get a comfortable seat for everyone and carry your heavy luggage simply.  

  • AC/NON-AC cabs: 

You will also find the two basic categories for the cabs in Port Blair city, which are AC and NON-AC. The fare also depends on the category of your cab. AC cars are expensive as compared to Non-AC vehicles. 

You will find the different models of vehicles in both categories and pick the right one according to your needs. 

  • Luxury cabs: 

Yes, you can also find the luxury cab service in Port Blair. The luxury cabs offer exceptional Cab services to travelers including clean, comfortable, and Air-conditioned. Plus, they also provide additional services including WiFi connectivity and personal chauffeur as well. 

In the nutshell:

You can also rent a bike and scooter in the city for easy travel. So, choose the right cab service for you to make your trip enjoyable.

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