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Moving with the Ferries!

Just the way a visit to Andaman can bring you new experiences, going closer to water can add more to it. You can constantly have the fresh air touching your face for the time you are in it. Are you planning to leave Andaman without experiencing it? We won’t let it happen!
At Travel Buddy, we can become your travel partners and help you touch every aspect of a happy holiday at Andamans.

Now, let’s come to the Ferries!

Also called a water taxi or water bus, a ferry can take you to different destinations through the water route. It has become an internal part of the transportation for locals of Andaman. Apart from being the mode of transport through the waterways, there are many reasons to go for it.
First of all, it is much more economical in comparison to cars or other vehicles. Secondly, it can save you from traffic trouble and, of course, eventually help you with a great deal of time. After all, you have come here to enjoy not to get baffled in the traffic congestion. All in all, transportation through ferries can be a great deal.


For booking a ferry, you do not have to get baffled by the processes involved. We have got your back here! The Archipelago of Andaman has the facilities of government ferries. They have been there for so long and are available among many islands.
From Port Blair Islands to Havelocks and also Neil Island, you can move there easily. Yes, you might not find the same kind of seating that you can get on a cruise, however, water views are not at all compromised. Even though you can have the option of private ferries, we recommend you to go for government ones as they can be the source to the authentic experience of water taxis.
By now, you are all aware of what to expect after booking Government ferries in Andaman, now let us tell you what you can expect from us.
Government Ferry Booking Andaman


As our name describes, The Travel Buddy is your travel partner who strives to make your stay and overall trip in Andaman one of the best ones. So, when it is about travelling in Government ferries, you need to be aware of availability and timings. Schedules for these ferries can change, and that is where we step in. All you need is to reach our team with your queries, and we will take care of the rest.


From Government Ferry Booking Andaman to traversing every corner of the archipelago, the Travel Buddy will be by your side!


  • We want to update you with the information that if you are an Indian citizen, you can get the ticket booked four days before your trip. 
  • Availability of the tickets is dependent on availability. 
  • For citizens who are not residents of India, they will have to book the tickets on spot.  
  • Tickets can be received from DSS counters- Phoenix Bay and Common Service Centre at different locations. 
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