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Frequently Asked Questions

For Indians: No passport/visa/permission is required. They can stay in permitted areas for as long as they want.

For Foreigners: A passport is required with an Indian Visa to enter India. This is also applicable to foreigners entering Andaman and Nicobar Islands directly from a charter/private yachts. Additionally, a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) is also required which can be availed on arrival to  from the Immigration counter at the airport or, embarkation of ships at the sea-port. RAP is issued for a 30 day visit to the islands, and is extendable up to 15 more days. Tickets can be rescheduled in Port Blair itself from the respective airline offices.

Andaman is covered by two major Network providers Airtel and BSNL followed by Vodafone in some part of these islands

The main language used in the islands is Hindi. But the islands have a decent population of people from all over India, so there are a lot of people who speak other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Gujrati, Punjabi and more.

Andaman uses Indian Rupees (INR) as its currency. This is because the Andaman and Nicobar Islands come under the central Government of India.

Two ways – either take a flight  from Kolkata or Chennai or Delhi or take a ship from chennai or kolkata

A flight from Kolkata/Chennai takes two hours, while the one from Delhi takes about five hours. Ships take as long as 50 hours (3-4 days roughly).

We believe holidaying in Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be done throughout the year – in summers/monsoon (no winter season there). However, tourist inflow is maximum during October to May. More info on .

There are only 32 inhabited islands in a total of 572 islands. Tourists are permitted only in a list of islands. You can see the list .
The quantum of tourist inflow to the islands is a testimony of how safe tourists feel in the islands. These islands are one of the safest places to live/travel in the country.
Yes. Indian Rupee is used in the Andaman Islands. You can exchange currency at the airport, from the banks or currency dealers. Also, you can withdraw Indian Rupees from the ATMs there.

Andaman is not known for its vegetarian cuisine but with the inflow of tourists, vegetarian food has become easily available. So YES, if you are a vegetarian travelling to the island, you need not worry. In fact, there are a few vegetarian restaurants we recommend. You can see one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Port Blair .

International dialing is available from most major hotels .To make an international call, dial 00 followed by the Country Code followed by the Area Code followed by the Phone Number. Services tend to be reliable.

Internet is available, though not as widely as in many other tourist areas and the connection is reputed to be very slow, but there is hope that things will improve in the next season. Roaming mobile signal is available in Port Blair but may be erratic on other islands. If you are planning to buy a new SIM card, we suggest you opt for BSNL as it has the best connectivity on the islands.

The usual personal effects along with clothes. Make sure you have personal accessories suited to the appropriate voltage. It is 220V in India. Carry prescriptions of medications and spectacles.

Make sure you have the International drivers license if you wish to drive. Carry enough local currency equivalent to $100 worth at all times to pay for local services. Make sure your documents including cash, passport, aadhaar and credit cards and tickets are secure and keep a copy with you at all times.

Preferably carry travellers cheques and cash in Indian currency up to $100 at all times to pay for local services. Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Amex are also widely accepted in Andaman.

Yes. Using credit cards to withdraw cash is available at most of the places in Andaman.

Although many hotels in Port Blair and other developed Islands have hotels and resorts that offer a bar, the night life concept has not really caught on in these islands. You will not encounter loud music, disco lights or parties here on a regular basis. Nights are usually quiet and most people get to bed soon to wake early and make maximum use of the day light hours.

An exception however is during Christmas and New Year on popular tourist islands like Havelock and Neil where you will find parties going late into the night, loud music and a lot of dancing.

Although alcohol is available on the islands, availability of imported alcohol is extremely limited. Except for a few IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) bottles, the alcohol availability is restricted to mostly Indian brands. Black Label, Black & White, Bacardi, Smirnoff and Kingfisher beer are some of the brands that are available easily.

Most Islands have a Primary Health Centre (PHC); However, services here can be limited and poor. It is advisable to go to the nearest PHC first for immediate assistance and as soon as possible, move to the G.B Pant hospital in Port Blair which is better equipped.

However at this hospital too, the treatment facilities are not what can be expected in mainland India and for any condition that could be serious, life threatening or needing special care, it is advised to fly to mainland India.

As such there are no dangerous predatory animals in the forests of Andaman. So do not come here expecting to see tigers or lions. The forests here are inhabited by animals like wild boar, spotted deer, civet cat as well as numerous species of birds and butterflies. The vast forest canopy provides home to many different species of reptiles as well. Snakes both poisonous and harmless can be seen in the Andamans.

Monitor lizards too inhabit these islands and the mangrove creeks provide shelter to ‘salties’ or salt water crocodiles.

Tourists are advised to pay attention to sign boards posted on beaches as well as watch their step if walking through dense jungle or mangrove areas.

There are multiple ATMs from multiple banks at different locations both in Port Blair and Havelock

There is no particular health precautions that you should follow here in andaman, your usual health precautions followed by carrying your medical history reports if any in case if emergencies.

As there are people from all parts of india in Andaman, you can see all kind of religious people in these island.

There are 4 tribes in Andaman, meeting them is not possible as they are strictly monitored by local administration, but during your tour to baratang you may encounter with jarawa after crossing jirgatang, and if you are visiting hutbay you may see onge there.

Yes there are sand flies in few beaches in Andaman, but not to worry they wont be a problem during your tour as they are mostly in isolated beaches.

Yes, you can rent a scotty or a bike in Andaman but hiring a car for self-driving is not yet started in Andaman, 

There are different options for adventure enthusiasm like scuba diving, para sailing, jungle treckking, kayaking, jet ski, snorkelling, glassbottom, banana ride, sofa ride, and sea walk

There are many PADI dive centres in Havelock which offer different level of scuba diving courses from basic to professional.

 Scuba diving in Port Blair is done at North Bay which is famous for its wide range of coral reefs

Yes, there are many PADI and SSI scuba diving center in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island

The minimum age for any activities is 8+ 

Yes, a non-swimmer can do both scuba diving and snorkelling, as you will always be accompanied by a professional.

Dugong are very shy mammals, occasionally they are spotted in different parts of Havelock and Neil island, but to see them during your trip is very rare, Good luck on spotting them

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