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DOs And DONTs Of Scuba Diving

DOs And DONTs Of Scuba Diving

Book Scuba Diving In Andaman

Scuba diving is an adventurous water sport, and many people are eager to do that at least once in a lifetime. If it is your first time, you must take care of several things to experience smooth scuba diving. So, let us look at the Dos and Don’ts of scuba diving. This will help you in all scuba diving adventures. 

Dos of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is great fun to undergo and experience the beautiful moments of your life. But it can also be a dangerous thing if you are unaware of few key things. Hence, first, learn what are the best practices to do in scuba diving. 

Do take training
To perform any new thing, you must undergo basic training. This applies even to scuba diving. The first thing is finding and taking training from the best trainer. This is more important than buying expensive gears and equipment. Do basic research about the instructor or the academy that is teaching you scuba diving. The lack of basic fitness may lead to overexertion and cause panic and faster consumption of air. It can cause many accidents and become a dangerous thing for the body.Do practice ascents and learn basics.Once you undergo your training, make sure you learn everything your trainer teaching. Hence, it will help you in excelling your scuba diving skills immensely. It is important not to hold your breath; continuous breathing is important to provide sufficient oxygen to your lungs. Practicing the things you learned is essential. Every time, you must practice smoothly and slowly ascend. Ascending slowly is important since if you do it quickly, the chances of bubbles forming in your bloodstream. Hence, to avoid this, maintain the rate of ascent of 30 feet for a minute. People often give more importance to gear and equipment than skills. Rember gear will not help you if you are unprepared. Do follow the guidelines and respect the underwater world.You need to remember that you are just visiting the underwater and hence do not change anything. You need to just spectate everything you see underwater and do not disturb or touch the things you see. The best thing to follow in your scuba diving is respecting and strictly following the guidelines provided by your trainer. Do provide importance to physical fitness.Although diving inside the water gives relaxation, there is also a chance of getting more tired. Hence, you need to be physically fit to cope with a strong current, carrying your gears and equipment, and getting exposed to underwater conditions. Before diving into the water, maintaining an acceptable level of fitness is a must. Do practice without wearing a mask.Practicing basic things and working to enhance the skills are important to every scuba diver. But as much importance you give for strengthening the basic, you need to practice diving without wearing a mask. It will help to become comfortable in the water. 

Don’ts of Scuba Diving After knowing what to do, it is more important to know what things need to be avoided.  The below points are to be taken care of while performing scuba diving. Don’t scullIn scuba diving, there is no sculling with your hands. The experienced trainers give one piece of advice: if you want to enhance your Buoyancy skills, you must subtract your hands in this activity. However, even after so many times telling this advice, it is hard for many beginners. The fun fact is that even many trainers cannot practice this recommendation, but your skills will be enhanced significantly if you practice doing this. Don’t hold your breath.It is known to all scuba divers, and it is the most important thing. Holding your breath under the water is a dangerous thing, and it can cause serious damage to your body and even cause death. Air in a diver’s lung expands in the ascent and contracts in descent. Hence, as long as one continues breathing, there will be no real threat. Don’t wear gloves in hot water.If you are diving into the cold water in the winter season, it is necessary to wear gloves. But if you are diving in the afternoon or on hot days, it is unnecessary to wear gloves. Don’t believe about equipment makes you a better diver.Many divers believe that buying the expensive and highest rated gear and equipment make them better diver. As a result, they do not pay more attention to increasing their skills. Do not fall into this wrong notion; rather, spend more time enhancing the diving skills that will help you in getting a better scuba diving experience. Remember, all those protection gears and equipment are there to enhance your comforts and safety provided; you know the basic scuba diving skills. Hence, learn the process first and then take assistance from gears. 

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