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Stunning, And Breathtaking Sites Of Port Blair


Being the capital of the Andaman Islands, Port Blair is your dream traveling location. With all its engaging, stunning, and breathtaking sites, Port Blair will give you the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime. You will have the opportunity to explore its rich nature and its museums. Port Blair will provide you with adventures that you will find nowhere else on earth.


There are numerous ways to reach Andaman, but the quickest way is by air. You will have to book yourself a flight. However, it is best to get an early morning flight so that you can have the rest of the day to yourself. Another way to reach Andaman is by sea.

Places To Visit

There are numerous places to visit in Port Blair. Some of the most famous ones are:

Corbyn Cove Beach

Andaman tour packages offer various traveling opportunities. One of which is the opportunity to visit Corbyn Cove Beach. Located just a few kilometers away from Port Blair, Corbyn Cove Beach is one of the most famous places to visit when going to the Andaman. With its coconut trees, pristine waters, and hypnotizing view, this beach is one of the most coveted traveling locations.

To reach this mesmerizing place from Port Blair, you will have to book a cab or just travel it by road in your own car. Because of its close location, you will have the opportunity to reach it fast and enjoy its presents to you.



Corby Cove Beach offers a wide variety of activities. If you are spending your time with your loved ones, you could enjoy a little picnic on the shores of the beach. You will be able to spend some quality time together, and you will have a stunning set to take memorable photos. However, suppose you are more of the adventure type. In that case, you could try some of the more audacious activities such as swimming, boating, and jet skiing. The beach’s water is a great place to do some jet skiing and parasailing. You could also spend some of your time at the Snake Island where you will be able to get a glimpse at some unique corals and snakes.


If you ever find yourself longing for some delicacies, you need not worry. Corby Cove Beach is filled with restaurants and food junk waiting for you nearby. Corbyn Cove Beach’s close location assures food nearby. One of the most popular restaurants near Corbyn Cove Beach is Amaya. It is a popular restaurant filled with delicious foods and drinks. In addition to that, the rooftop of the restaurant offers a unique direct view of the sea. You will be able to enjoy your food in front of a matchless sea view. Other restaurants found near Corbyn Cove Beach are Waves, Full Moon Café, and others more. If you are vegan, do not worry. There is a great vegan restaurant near Corbyn Cobe Beach called Vegan Creek.

Corbyn Cove Beach is a must-visit when traveling in the Andaman. Its unique beach vibes and atmospheres will give you the best traveling experience. With its exceptional views and activities, you can rest assured that your money was well spent. Traveling to Corbyn Cove Beach is a life adventure you do not want to miss out on. If you want to book a tour to Corbyn Cove Beach, consider The Travel Buddy.
cellular jail

Cellular Jail

One of the perks of investing in an Andaman tour package is the opportunity to visit the Cellular Jail. To book your tour package, check out The Travel Buddy. Cellular Jail was a prison that Brits used to exile political prisoners. Because of those events, the place is now regarded as a historical place and a national memorial.
To reach this place from Port Blair, you have various transportation methods. You could rent a car, book a cab, or do it with the standard means by going with a tuk-tuk. Either way, you should be able to reach Cellular Jail in a short amount of time.


Visiting Cellular Jail will enable you to try various types of activities. One of the most sought-after activities offered is the ability to attend a light and sound show. This show is one of the highlights of visiting the Cellular Jail. However, you will have to pay a little extra to buy the tickets for the show; and you will have to buy your tickets beforehand because the tickets are limited. Other activities include visiting the museum. A visit to the museum usually lasts around three to four hours, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.


If, along the way, you need to stop and refill yourself. Do not worry, for there are numerous restaurants near Cellular Jail. One of the most popular and prestigious restaurants found near Cellular Jail is New Lighthouse Restaurant. It is a renowned restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes. If you are a seafood fan, this restaurant will be a paradise to you. Another well-known restaurant is Ananda Multi-Cuisine Restaurant. It is a restaurant that specializes in Indian food. If, however, you happen to be a vegetarian or if you happen to want to try vegetarian food, you will be delighted to find out that there is a prestigious vegetarian restaurant found near Cellular Jail. Icy Spicy is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in Indian and Chinese dishes.

Cellular Jail is an exciting place to visit when traveling to Port Blair. The events that happened in that place make it one of the most exciting places to visit.  By visiting it, you will catch a foretaste of history. Its part in history alone would make the trip to Cellular Jail worth it. With all the activities and exciting things you will be able to learn from visiting that place, you can be confident that visiting Cellular Jail will give you memories you will never be able to forget.

Chidiya Tapu Beach

Another go-to place available on an Andaman tour package is Chidiya Tapu Beach. If you are a nature lover, this place will be heaven to you. Its wide variety of birds will paint the sky, and you will be able to witness a painting made by nature.
If you find yourself in Port Blair, reaching this place should be easy. Because of its close location to Port Blair, you could reach Chidiya Tapu Beach by bicycle. On your way, you will be able to enjoy the landscape of the area. If you find yourself in Havelock, however, you might want to book government ferry in Andaman.
Chidiya Tapu Beach


Chidiya Tapu Beach is a place filled with many resources. Hence, the many available activities. One of the most popular activities in Chidiya Tapu Beach is bird watching. The beach is famous for hosting a variety of birds, some of which are endangered or endemic. Because of that, people love bird watching. Another activity you might want to try is taking a look at the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park. The park will enable you to see the rich biodiversity of the place. Other high-energetic activities include sea walking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating. Chidiya Tapu Beach is filled with activities that can both rest your mind and soul or wake the adventurer inside of you.


Besides being rich in activities, Chidiya Tapu Beach is also filled with restaurants that enable you to replenish yourself. One of the most popular places is Brewberrys. Although it can be a bit expensive, it has some of the best coffees and burgers you will find in the area. The staff is also very friendly and polite. You will be able to spend some excellent quality time. However, if you find the price too expensive, you could try out some of the resorts near the area. Some of the popular resorts include Rose Valley and Fortune Resorts.
Chidiya Tapu Beach is a great place to spend some quality time. Because of its exotic environment and its rich nature, it is unlike any other place on earth. Spending some time at Chidiya Tapu Beach will give rest to your mind and soul, and it will also wake up the explorer in you. If you plan to travel to Port Blair, check out The Travel Buddy. They will give you good tour packages cost to travel to the Andaman.
wandoor beach

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach is another marvelous place to visit. To get the best out of visiting this place, make sure to book your Andaman tour package. This beach is located at the entrance of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. In 2006 a tsunami occurred at the location and the trees that deracinated from the event add up to the beauty of the beach. The waters are calm, and the beauty of the natural environment is just mind-blowing. To reach this wonderful place, you could book a bus ticket and have your stop be at Wandoor village. When at the village, you will just have to walk five minutes to reach the beach.


There are numerous activities you could enjoy at Wandoor Beach. However, the beach is best for sunbathing and swimming. You could just relax and bathe in the rays of the sun. There are numerous wooden huts, benches, and tables at the beach, so you do not have to worry about searching for a place to chill. However, if you are the adventurous type, you could go on an adventure to the cave that was carved by ferocious high tides. To reach this cave, you will have to go through an adventurous journey through the wilderness.

Wandoor Beach is a place to chill and to look for adventures. The beach and its surroundings will fill your soul with their beauty.


Its rich activities are not the only reason why people rush to spend some quality there. Wandoor Beach is also filled with food stalls full of local specialties. Although their food is not astounding, the local food and their way of making it will give you a unique vibe. It will provide you with the Wandoor Beach vibe. However, if you are not a fan of food stalls and would rather go to a restaurant, you will find plenty of restaurants near Wandoor Beach. One of the most famous restaurants is The Munching Baba. Located just about 8 miles from Wandoor Beach, this place will make you taste wonders. Although it is new, its fame is growing quickly.
Wandoor Beach is the place to go to if you are looking for peace. The corals will bring colors to your heart, the sunsets will bring peace to your soul, and the caves will bring curiosity to your mind. Although the beach does not have many activities, the view will be enough to make your trip worth it. To plan your trip, reach out to The Travel Buddy.

Jolly Buoy

Jolly Buoy is one of the highlights of booking an Andaman tour package with The Travel Buddy. Jolly Buoy is known for its pristine waters and its untouched natural environment. To get to Jolly Buoy from Port Blair, you will have to take a ferry or drive to Wandoor Beach. Either way, the distance will be 30 kilometers. Once you arrived, you will be able to experience what life was like before human pollution. The fame of the island came from the fact that it has been long unaffected by people. It is an ecologically preserved island, and because it is protected by the forest department, it is uninhabited.


In addition to having an environment that cannot be found anywhere else on earth, Jolly Buoy Island is also filled with activities that will make your trip engaging. If the heat of the sun is too harsh for you, you might want to take a dip in the ocean. However, if you are more audacious, you can try snorkeling or scuba diving. If you wish to explore what is beneath the sea, you could go on a bottom glass boat ride. But, if you want to step away from the beach, you could explore the jungle and see the treasure hidden in it. Jolly Buoy is filled with activities of all kinds. You could relax on the beach, swim in the ocean, or explore the jungle.


Unfortunately, there are no restaurants or food junctions on Jolly Buoy because it is an uninhabited place. If you want to find restaurants or food junctions, you will have to travel back to Wandoor Beach. That is why it is recommended that you bring your own food and drinks, but if you are visiting through a travel agency, they should provide your food and drinks so you should not worry much. However, make sure not to pollute the area if you bring plastic stuff. Polluting the island would break its beauty, and it would harm the animals living there.

One of the critical reasons Jolly Buoy is a must-go-to place is that it has not yet been affected by human pollution. The island is clean, and everything found there is a natural creation of Mother Nature. The beauty of the island is pure, and if visiting the island, make sure it stays as pure as when you found it. Jolly Buoy Island is one of the rare places on earth that has been untouched by humans. If you want to know what nature was like before humans, Jolly Buoy is the place to go to.

6n7d Radiant Portblair Package

Red Skin Island

Red Skin Island is perfect for family vacations. Booking an Andaman family tour package is one of the best ways to get the best out of this magical place. As this name suggests it, this island has a reddish look. The look comes from the red corals that are visible through the shallow waters. To travel to the island, one needs to acquire a permit from the forest department a day prior to the visit. The island is open to visitors only 6 months a year, and night stays are prohibited. To enjoy your time at Red Skin Island, it is best if you go there early in the morning.


Although it is prohibited to stay the night at Red Skin Island, the activities found there will make your day worth it. One of the best activities found on the island is snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the best family-friendly activities you can do on vacations. Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling does not require much training. If you are more adventurous, however, scuba diving is also an available activity on the island. Another activity is the glass bottom boat ride. It enables you to see what goes underneath the boat when you go for a ride. It is an entertaining activity to share with your family.


Although Red Skin Island has a lot of activities, you will most likely have to bring your own food. Restaurants are pretty far. However, a little picnic by the beach will make a great quality time for you and your family. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the closest restaurant near Red Skin Island, the closest and best is Ananda Restaurant. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, but its specialty is seafood. Red Skin Island has a lot of activities. However, its lack of nearby restaurants might be a bit of a bummer for you. Still, you may find some really good restaurants if you are willing to go the extra distance.

With all the various activities and beautiful views Red Skin Island offers, it is one of the best places to enjoy a vacation with your family. You will be able to do some great activities with your loved ones, and maybe you will even have a little picnic. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your family, book a tour package to Andaman with The Travel Buddy.

North Bay Island

Filled with numerous engaging distractions, North Bay Island is one of the best Andaman tour packages for couple. If you plan to go on a romantic trip to North Bay Island, book your trip with The Travel Buddy. The island offers numerous engaging activities that range from water sports to sunbathing. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, North Bay Island has something for everyone.
To reach North Bay Island from Port Blair, you will have to go on a boat. The cost of the boat trip will be about INR 500. On your trip, you will pass through Ross Island. North Bay Island is just 40 minutes away from Ross Island. In total, your boat trip will last around 75 minutes.
North Bay Island


North Bay Island is packed with numerous activities that you can do with your significant other. The activities found on North Bay Island will awaken the adventurer in you. The views will light the spark between you and your lover. Some of the most favorite activities include sea walking, scuba diving, snorkeling, glass boat riding, and sunbathing. With all the available activities, you will have the opportunity to spend some excellent quality time with your lover. The views and natural environment found on North Bay Island will create a romantic tension, and the activities will amplify that tension.


The activities are not the only thing that will start romantic sparks. The restaurants will do too. Although there are few restaurants found in North Bay Island, the few restaurants that you will find there will give you a taste of what it is like to be in the Andaman. One of the most famous restaurants found not so far away from North Bay Island is Amaya. Not only will you be able to eat some delicacies, but you will also have the ability to enjoy an unforgettable rooftop view with your significant other. The rooftop view of Amaya will give you a direct view of the ocean.
Additionally, the landscapes of North Bay Island are marvelous. If you are not one for water sport activities, you can just enjoy the beauty of the island and its surroundings. North Bay Island will provide you with both peace and adventure. If you are interested in visiting this spectacular island alone or with your lover, book your tour packages to Andaman. Visiting this island will give you a feeling you will experience nowhere else on earth. The activities, the food, and the views will make your trip worth it.
ross island (1)

Ross Island

If you are interested in historical places, you might consider booking tour packages to Andaman. Ross Island is one of the most enjoyable traveling historical sites. Before, the island was the headquarters of the British colony. Because of its historical involvement, the island gained a lot of fame. More and more people come every year to visit what once was the headquarters of the British colony. One of the fastest ways to travel to the island is to book Andaman tour packages with flight. Because of its distant location, flight is the quickest way to get to the island.


Because of its historical involvement, there are numerous activities that you can try on Ross Island. One of the activities you could do is to explore the old ruins. The ancient ruins consist of British structures. Another exciting activity is visiting the sanctuary. The sanctuary is found in the middle of the island, and it is filled with peacocks and dears that are protected by the Andaman administration.  You could also watch the light and sound show that showcases what happened in history. Other exciting activities include visiting the man caves and the pond. The majority of the activities found on Ross Island are exploration. However, the exploration alone is enough to give you chills.


There are a lot of restaurants near Ross Island, and most of the restaurants have their own specialties. One famous place is Hotel Kattabomman. The place is not huge, but most of the time, it is full. That is enough to tell you how good the food is. Hotel Kattabomman specializes in South Indian food. Their food is exquisitely delicious, and their staff is very courteous. In addition to that, the price of their dishes is relatively low compared to other restaurants. This restaurant is a great place to eat if you are looking for something cheap and yet delicious.

Ross Island holds numerous engaging activities for tourists to do. If you are looking for a traveling location to grow your knowledge and learn, this place is the perfect place to do so. This place is beautiful. It is enriching, and if you search for the right restaurants, it can be cheap. If you are looking to grow your knowledge while enjoying some quality time, book your tour to Ross Island with The Travel Buddy. With all the numerous activities, you will be able to nourish your mind and soul.

Anthropological Museum

Being one of the best museums in Port Blair, Anthropological Museum is one of the numerous places you will be able to visit with your Andaman tour packages booked with The Travel Buddy. The fastest way to get to the museum from Port Blair is by road. It should take you about 15 minutes to get there. Many tourists visit the museum every year to learn more about the history of the local tribes. At the museum, you will be able to see historical artifacts. The artifacts date back from the time were the six major tribes were still present. While given a tour of the museum, you will have the chance to see history.
anthropological museum


The first thing you will do when you are at Anthropological Museum is to explore. The museum is filled with rooms and artifacts that date back from an old-time in history. Exploring the museum and observing those things should take up quite some of your time. One of the most exciting parts of the tour will be the clay displays. The clay displays make up a lot of the fame of the museum. Once your tour of the museum is finished, you can explore some of the nearby tourist attractions. You can also buy some crafts if the authorities allow you to do so.


It is prohibited to eat in the museum, so you will have to eat either before or after your visit. However, because of the location of the museum, you should not have much trouble finding a restaurant. The area is filled with some excellent restaurants.

One of the most popular places is The Andaman Kitchen. This place offers some authentic delicacies. They specialize in Thai food, but they have vegetarian-friendly and vegan options. The staff is also very courteous, and the place looks clean and neat. This place is a great place to enjoy some food if you find yourself craving for some after or before your visit to the museum.

Anthropological Museum is one of the best historical places to visit in Port Blair. The artifacts and historical materials you will find in the museum will take you back to a time in history. In addition to being full of historical surprises, there are also a lot of restaurants near Anthropological Museum. You will be able to see the history and get a taste of heaven. It is a great place to nourish the mind.

sagarika naval museum

Samudrika Museum

If you are an ocean lover, Samudrika Museum will be the perfect place for you. As part of Andaman tour packages, this museum’s goal is to bring awareness about the oceanic environment and marine life. The Navy runs the museum. It is divided into five sections: the people of Andaman, the history of Andaman, geographical information, marine archeology, and marine life. The distance between Port Blair and Samudrika Museum is just 9 kilometers. You could walk by foot, or you could drive. One of the best attractions that you should check out when you reach the museum is the skeleton of a baby blue whale. It was a whale that was washed ashore on the coast of Andaman. Its skeleton will fascinate you.


To bring more awareness to marine life, the museum offers numerous engaging activities to its visitors. Activities that help bring attentiveness to marine life. One of the activities that you will do for sure is visiting the museum. While visiting the museum, you will learn about various marine species; and you will learn about the things you could do to help preserve their ecosystem. Other more adventurous activities include coral cruising, beach walking, water sports, forest walking, and beach activities. Samudrika Museum is full of activities that will keep you engaged and that will teach you about the essential things you need to know about marine life.


The museum is a perfect place for family vacations, which is why it is part of the Andaman family tour package. In addition to numerous activities, people can also enjoy multiple types of food. Because the place is located in Port Blair, there are numerous restaurant options. One of the most famous restaurants found near the museum is Café Rebel. It is a place whose burgers will leave you wanting more with every bite. Two other favorite places mainly known by tourists are Rola Costa and Annapurna. Their dishes and drinks will be the cherry on top of the cake of your trip.
If you are looking for a mind-enriching and fascinating place for your vacations, consider booking your trip to Samudrika Museum with The Travel Buddy. The museum will be a great place to spend some particular time with your family. You will be able to participate in winsome activities while learning more about marine life. Marine life makes up part of the beauty on earth, and bringing awareness to it will help preserve its beauty.

Fisheries Museum

If you want to know what life is like under the sea, visit the Fisheries Museum at Port Blair. Part of the Andaman tour package with The Travel Buddy, Fisheries Museum is one of the famous places that displays the lives of numerous underwater specimens. Various aquatic specimens are found in the museum. Some of which are sharks and fish. There are also multiple types of fossils and corals showcased in the museum. The entrance fee varies between children and adults, and the visit duration should last about 2 to 3 hours. If you plan to visit this place, do not forget to bring cameras. You will be able to capture life under the sea.


Additionally, Fisheries Museum offers many engaging activities that will make your trip exciting. Vising the museum is one of the activities that will surely keep you engaged and excited. While visiting the museum, do not forget to take pictures. You will want to have memories of visiting this fascinating place. You will be able to see numerous types of underwater specimens in their natural habitat. However, do not touch or disturb them as it could harm you and the specimens. There are also special underwater voyages. Those underwater voyages will make your trip to Fisheries Museum unique. Visiting the museum will enable you to learn the histories and lifestyles of amazing aquatic animals.


Because the museum is not far from Port Blair, there are plenty of nearby restaurant options available. Most of the restaurants will have their own specialties, and you will just have to choose. One of the most popular restaurants found near the museum is The Icy Spicy. The Icy Spicy is a restaurant that serves dishes from all around the world. If you find yourself indecisive about which place to go to, The Icy Spicy is the best place to go. You will find a lot of the world’s cuisine at this place. Another place is The Annapurna Cafeteria. Although this place does not offer as many world cuisines as The Icy Spicy, its interior is very charming; and its staff is very courteous.

The Fisheries Museum is a great place to go to if one wants to see the lives of underwater beings. The Fisheries Museum is a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The museum and its specimen will give you an enjoyable experience that you will never forget.


Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill is probably one of the traveling places that should be on your bucket list. Included in the Andaman tour package, Chatham Saw Mill is Asia’s largest and oldest sawmill. Chatham Saw Mill is close to Port Blair. The distance between the two is just 11 kilometers. To reach Chatham Saw Mill, you can travel through public transportations, or you could hire a private cab. The mill is a great place to see the power and magnificence of Chatham Island. In addition to building the largest manufacture of timber, the mill also offers an overview of Chatham Island history. Visiting the mills will enable you to see various collections of woodwork and carvings.


One of the main activities that you will enjoy when you arrive at the place is visiting Chatham Saw Mill. Visiting the place will teach you about the history of the place. One particular activity that will help you understand the history of the place better is the light and sound show. Attending the light and sound show will enable you to see a visual representation of the Chatham Saw Mill’s history. Other more adventurous activities you could try are swimming and wildlife spotting. There are numerous activities that can keep you engaged at Chatham Saw Mill. Whether you are just one to learn or one to go for adventures, there is something for everyone.


If you ever find yourself ravenous while at Chatham Saw Mill, do not worry. There are plenty of restaurants near the area. If you are looking for American food and dishes, the restaurant for you is Café Rebel. It is found just 2 kilometers away, and it serves some of the best burgers in the area. However, if you are longing for Indian, Asian, and seafood, the best place for you is Amaya. Located just 2 kilometers away, this place will give you a taste of heaven. Other well-known restaurants found in the area are Milkyway, Annapurna, and New Lighthouse Restaurant. There are plenty of restaurant options near Chatham Saw Mill, so do not stress yourself about the food.
Chatham Saw Mill is a worldwide famous traveling place. Numerous people have added the place to their bucket list. This place will surprise you, and it will fascinate your mind. If you are a history lover, consider booking a tour package to Chatham Saw Mill with The Travel Buddy because the place will exceed your expectations.

Cinque Island

Part of the Andaman tour packages with flight booked with The Travel Buddy, Cinque Island is one of the most beautiful places to travel to. The Cinque Island is divided into two parts, the North Cinque and the South Cinque. The fame of the island comes from its crystal clear waters. Cinque Island is uninhabited, and people are only allowed to travel there for day visits. The beautiful harmony of the nature found on the island makes its fame. Because it is uninhabited, the natural environment of the island makes you fall in love with it. This place is a great place to spend some quality time, whether it is by yourself or with others.


There are plenty of activities that you can do on Cinque Island. The most favorite activities are scuba diving and snorkeling. The crystal clear waters make snorkeling and scuba diving fascinating. It brings up those water sports to another level. Other activities that you could try are kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boating. If you are an adventurer, this place will be heaven to you. However, if you are not, it will still be heaven to you. If you are not the adventurous type, you could relax by the beach and enjoy the island’s matchless landscapes. Whatever type of person you are, Cinque Island has something for everyone.


As stated earlier, the island is uninhabited, so there are no restaurants available on the island. You will have to bring your own food and beverages. However, if you are traveling through a traveling agency, they will most likely provide the food and drinks for you. Nevertheless, make sure you do not litter the island if you brought plastic wrapping for your food. The fame of the island comes from the fact that it is uninhabited and that its nature is free of human pollution. Even though there are no restaurants on the island, you can still enjoy a little picnic with your own food.

The beaches of Cinque Island are very charming. They are calm and beautiful, and they offer great Instagram pictures. Cinque Island is one of the best traveling locations. Its landscape and natural environments are unique, and its activities will keep you excited and engaged throughout your whole trip. The natural environment found on Cinque Island is found nowhere else on earth. If you want to travel to a place you will never forget, then travel to Cinque Island.
mount harriet

Mount Harriet

Andaman Island is not only famous for its marine life, beautiful beaches, and a bunch of water sports. Mount Harriet National park is one of the popular attractions places of Andaman. It is the highest peak situated in the south Andaman. Flora and fauna is the key highlight of this place. From the peak of greenery-filled mountains, you can see Port Blair city. This mountain is named after the British soldier Christopher Tyler’s wife, Harriet. It is the perfect place to take your bonding with friends, family, or team to the next level in the middle of peaceful nature. This spot is a few minutes away from Port Blair. Here you can find the children’s park, tourist sheds, eco hut, watchtowers, etc. You can also rest on this mountain in the forest guest house. The trekking to this mountain is fun and gives picturesque sights all along the way. 

Flag Point

Andaman is a place filled with all-natural wonders and historical events. This place played a pivotal role in the freedom struggle of India. Many iconic events happened here, and it is still remembered by Indians. 30th December 1943 is one of the great days of Indian history because on this day Indian flag is hoisted by Subash Candra Bose for the first time ever in this place. Now, at an altitude of 45 meters in the south point place of Port Blair, this point is situated. You can find a flag pole and a statue of Subhash Chandra Bose, and it is visible from the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex. 
Flag Point In Andaman
barren island (1)

Barren Island

Barren Island is a popular place because it is the only active volcano in entire South Asia. This active volcano is situated 140 kilometers away from Port Blair. This volcano is approximately 2million years old, and the first recorded eruption dates back to 1787 AD. This volcano had its recent large-scale eruption 150 years ago, but recently eruption occurred in 2017 and 2018. It is hard to see the volcano and red lava in India, and it is the perfect place to see the natural phenomenon. The red lava is spread to over 2 Kms. This barren island is a beautiful place, even if you exclude the volcano. Here you can see black sand beaches everywhere, and these beaches are the perfect place to see vivid sea creatures, sponges, and corals. It is also famous for scuba diving and other water sports. The best time to perform scuba diving here is between Nov to Feb.

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