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Neil Island


Neil Island has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Andaman. However, many people miss out it because it is overshadowed by Havelock. Nevertheless, Neil Island holds some of the most beautiful creations of nature. Traveling to this island will be an adventure you will not regret.


Once you arrive in Port Blair, the best way to reach Neil Island is by sea. You will have to book a ferry ticket. The distance is about 40 kilometers. Make sure to bring a book to kill the boredom.

Places To Visit

Neil Island has a lot of amazing traveling sites. Listed below are some of the most popular sites.

Bharatpur Beach

Also known as the Coral Kingdom of Andaman, Bharatpur Beach is a key location for Andaman tour packages. If you want to book a tour package to Bharatpur Beach, reach out to The Travel Buddy. The beach of Bharatpur Beach has majestic palm trees within its shores. Its waters are turquoise crystal clear, and its sandy shores are white.

To reach this place, you will first have to take a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island. The ferry trip will last around 2 hours. Once you arrive on Neil Island, you could bicycle your way to the beach. The beach is not far. Considered one of the finest beaches on Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach is a traveling location that tourists never miss out on.

Bharatpur Beach In Neil Island


Bharatpur Beach offers numerous activities that will enable you to discover marine life. One of the most exciting and yet chilling activities you could try is riding on a glass-bottomed boat. This activity will allow you to see the coral reefs and the colorful fish in the sea through the comfort of a ship. However, if you are searching for higher adrenaline activities, you could try scuba diving or snorkeling. Both of these activities will allow you to go on your own exploration of the marine life found at this mesmerizing beach. Additionally, if you do not want to swim, you could try jet skiing, Sofaride or Banana ride. This high adrenaline activity will enable you to see the beach’s beautiful views while riding at high speed on the sea.


In addition to having great activities, Bharatpur Beach also has various types of restaurants. One restaurant you may be interested in is Dugong. This restaurant has some of the best chefs found on the island. The food you will eat at the place will be mouth-watering. Another restaurant you may be interested in is Blue Sea. Although the food found in this restaurant may not be as mouth-watering as the food found in Dugong, the view will make up for it. This restaurant has a never-ending view of the blue sea. Eating with such a view will feel like a top-notch experience. If, however, you prefer nature’s green color to its blue color, you could try Garden View Restaurant. This place is surrounded by green nature.

Bharatpur Beach is the perfect holiday traveling location, even if it is just for its landscapes. If you are searching for the dream holiday escape location, Bharatpur Beach is there for you.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxman Pur Beach

With rising fame, Laxmanpur Beach is one of the best traveling locations found on tour packages to Andaman. The beach is a perfect place to grab a book and get lost in another universe. The beach is calm, beautiful, and not overly crowded.
To reach this place, you will have to book a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island. The distance between Port Blair and Neil Island is about 40 kilometers, so the ferry trip should take you about 2 hours. Once you arrive on the island, you could book a cap and ride to the beach. Reaching the coast should not take too long once you get to Neil Island.


Although the beach is calm and not overly crowded, you could still do plenty of activities. If you just came to the beach to relax, you could sit by the shore and watch the sunset or read a book. This place is excellent for relaxation. However, if you are more adventurous, you could try snorkeling. When there are high tides on the beach, it can easily step up your snorkeling experience. However, if you are bolder, you could try scuba diving. However, to scuba dive, you will have to ask the guidance of a professional. Scuba diving is an activity that requires some learning and a lot of precaution.


There are many food stalls near the beach. However, if you are looking for a proper restaurant, you do not have to worry. Laxmanpur Beach is filled with nearby restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants among tourists is Green Heaven Restaurant. This place’s specialty is grilled fish. A great dish to enjoy while on vacation. The décor of the site is stunning, and the staff is friendly. However, this place is quite expensive compared to other restaurants, so be ready to spend some extra money. Another place that is not as expensive as Green Heaven Restaurant is Tango Beach Resort. Although it had opened not long ago, this place offers some authentic delicacies.

Laxmanpur Beach is a lovely place to enjoy the beauties of Mother Nature. The site is tranquil and stunning. One look at the beach and you will feel your soul getting relaxed. Do not hesitate to travel to Laxmanpur Beach if you are looking for some relaxation. Booking a tour package with The Travel Buddy will be worth every penny.

Ram Nagar Beach

Ram Nagar Beach is a beautiful, romantic holiday traveling location, which is why it is part of the Andaman Nicobar package for couple. If you want to book your tour package, reach out to The Travel Buddy. The beautiful scenery of the beach is enough to create some romantic tensions. The beach has white sands, and its fauna and flora are just breathtaking. This place is one of the most beautiful places you will see on Neil Island.

To reach this mesmerizing place, you will have to go on a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island. When you reach Neil Island, you could just book a car and go to the beach. The time it will take you to get to the beach is short.



There are numerous activities you can enjoy at Ram Nagar Beach. One of the most favorite activities is swimming. Swimming in the oceans of this beach is incredible. However, after 5 pm, the beach can become pitch dark. So make sure you do not swim anymore past that time. It could be dangerous. Another activity you could enjoy is sunbathing. The location of the beach is far away from the central city, which is why it has a calm and serene atmosphere. This tranquil and peaceful atmosphere makes it great for sunbathing and relaxing. Ram Nagar Beach is a perfect place for couples. The beach’s setting is gorgeous, and there are numerous activities available.


Although Ram Nagar Beach is far from the main city, you can still find some good restaurants nearby. One of the most famous restaurants is Barbeque Bay. This restaurant, as its name suggests, is renowned for its barbeque food. Enjoy some barbeque food while at the beach is something that could change your experience. Another place you might enjoy is Moustache Café. The staff of this place is very amicable, and the place has good hygiene. This place makes some of the best burgers you will find in the area. If you are looking for a place that offers good food in a pleasant environment, you need to check out this place.
Ram Nagar is a dream holiday location for lovers. Its beach beauty will do nothing but add more romance. If you are looking for the perfect traveling location to bring your significant other, consider going to Ram Nagar Beach. This place will give you a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.
Romantic Holiday At Ram Nagar Beach

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is an example of the beauties that nature can create. Part of the Andaman tour packages, the Natural Bridge is a natural rock formation that looks like a bridge. The aesthetic and shape of the Natural Bride make it look like it was human-made, but it was not, which is why it is so fascinating. To book your tour package to this charming location, consider reaching out to The Travel Buddy.
To reach this location, you will first have to go on a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island. Once you get to Neil Island, you will have to walk through seashores to reach Natural Bridge.


The activities found at Natural Bridge are limited. One of the activities you may enjoy when you arrive at Natural Bridge is photography. The magnetic structure of the bridge makes it great for taking pictures. Another activity you may enjoy is exploring. On your way to Natural Bridge, you will have to walk some rugged paths, so it is important to wear good shores. On your way, you will be able to explore and discover the natural environment found at the place. There are little pots full of fish of different colors on the seashore way to Natural Bridge. It would be a great experience to see all the fish of different colors. However, those pots are only visible on low tide, so before going, ask for local guidance on the best time to go.


Because the way to get to Natural Bridge consists of passing through seashores, there are limited restaurant options in the area. However, if you are willing to go the extra distance, you will be able to find some really good restaurants. One of the best restaurants you will find, after traveling some distance, is Organikhaa. This place is known for its organic food. They grow their own ingredients, which makes them stand out to other restaurants. In addition to that, the ambiance of the restaurant is excellent. By taking into consideration that they grow their own ingredients and their atmosphere is impressive, Organikhaa is a great place to eat some delicacies while visiting Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge is a unique place on earth. The natural formation of the rocks is the reason for its fame. Although people travel there mainly to see the structure of the bridge, the path leading to it is just as fascinating. The pots filled with fish of different colors will be a treat to your eyes.

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