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Mayabunder is a village north of Rangat. It is the headquarters of the middle and north of the Andaman district. This place is a place filled with adventures. Hence, its popularity among tourists. If you want to have an unforgettable vacation, consider going to this place.


There are two ways to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair. One way is by road, and the other one is by sea. If you go by road, the distance is around 240 kilometers,  you can reach by bus or cabs. If you go by sea, the distance is around 135 kilometers and you can reach by Govt ferry.

Places To Visit

There are a lot of places you can visit while traveling to Mayabunder. Here are some of them.

Avis Island

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Avis Island welcomes tourists who want to spend some quality time away from city life and crowds. It is a great place to have some solitary vacations. The island is also uninhabited, so you can expect lesser activities. This place is an incredible location to travel to. Being able to spend some quality time while relaxing is an opportunity you cannot miss out on. The landscapes of the island are fascinating. The atmosphere is calm and serene, and peaceful.

Avis Island


The calm and serene atmosphere of the island is like no other. Relaxation is one of the most popular activities people do when spending time at Avis Island. If you wish to refresh yourself from the heat of the sun, you can take a dip in the water. The crystal clear water of Avis Island will refresh your body and soul.

Additionally, Avis Island has one of the most beautiful landscapes of Mayabunder, which means you will have a lot to photograph. This place is a bliss to photographers. You will never get enough pictures to be able to capture the beauty of the island.


There are no restaurants in Avis Island as the island is mostly uninhabited. If you wish to eat and drink, you will most likely have to bring your own food and drinks. However, if you want to eat a proper meal at a restaurant, your best option would be to travel back to the city of Mayabunder.

Avis Island has a beach that has crystal clear waters. Its clear waters add to the serene atmosphere of the island. The island is also sometimes referred to as the coconut island because of the coconut plantations found there.

The island is a great place to self-meditate and ponder about life. Traveling to Avis Island is one of the best ways to give rest to your soul. If your soul is exhausted, spending some time at Avis Island is one of the best ways to rejuvenate it.

karmatang beach

Karmatang Beach

Part of the honeymoon Andaman Nicobar Packages, Karmatang Beach is a perfect traveling location for lovers. Considered as the “Turtle’s Paradise,” Karmatang Beach is one of the most famous places traveled by tourists.

To reach this wonderful place, you will first have to go to Mayabunder. The fastest way to get from Port Blair to Mayabunder is to take a ferry. Once you arrive at Mayabunder, you can book a cab and go to Karmatang Beach. The beach is just 20 minutes away.

This beach is one of the best places to spend quality time with your lover. The scenery of the coast will perfectly match the romantic atmosphere you need.


There are a lot of activities available at Karmatang Beach. An activity that you might want to try with your significant other is scuba diving. Although scuba diving requires some lessons, it will be an unforgettable moment to scuba dive in the sea of Karmatang Beach. However, if you want to try an activity with less risk, there is snorkeling. Although it is not as intense as scuba diving, it is still an activity that tourists love.

Additionally, you can just take a dip in the ocean if you want to refresh yourself from the heat of the sun. There are a lot of activities at Karmatang Beach that keep tourists thrilled and entertained. The choice is yours.


Besides having numerous activities for couples, Karmatang Beach also has some good restaurants.

One particular place that has received good reviews from tourists online is Amnol Guest House. The specialties of the place are not specified. However, it has received good reviews from people. The place is considered friendly, and the dishes are inexpensive.

If you want to spend a chill romantic night with your lover, this place will be good for you. However, there are other restaurants in the area if you wish to explore.

Because of its relaxing atmosphere and its entertaining activities, Karmatang Beach became one of the dream locations for honeymoons. Lovers enjoy soaking in the warm sun of the beach, and they enjoy the fun activities that add spice to their romantic journey.

Karmatang Beach offers both peace and adventure. It contains everything you can dream of for a honeymoon. If you are searching for a honeymoon travel location, Karmatang Beach is there for you. To book your tour package to Karmatang Beach, consider reaching out to The Travel Buddy.

German Jetty

The German Jetty is one of the main attractions found in Mayabunder. The jetty is an old jetty that the Germans made during World War II. The attraction fascinates tourists from all over the world every year. This location is part of the Andaman family tour packages as it is mostly visited by families.
The German Jetty 


One of the main activities you will be doing when you arrive at German Jetty is observing. Although it sounds a bit boring, the more you will watch the jetty, the more you will be hypnotized.

The jetty is an attraction that enables people to see some of the rest of history. World War II was a significant event in history. The German Jetty found in Mayabunder allows people to see a bit of that history. Although the jetty comes from a gruesome part of history, it is a reminder that we have to move forward.

In addition to observing, you will be able to take incredible photos at this location. Taking a picture of an item that was part of such an important event in history is something you cannot miss out on. If you wish to see this historical monument, reach out to The Travel Buddy to book your packages.


There are a few of restaurants near German Jetty. One of the closest eating places you will find is Middle Andaman Mayabunder. This place is a great place to enjoy some fish and chips. Even if you are not a fan of fish and chips, you should still try it out. You might be surprised.

Additionally, the staff of the restaurant is very courteous; and the atmosphere of the place is calm and serene.
The German Jetty holds a lot of beauty regardless of the time it was created. The way it stands and imposes itself is a symbol of strength and hope, which is why tourists come every year to see it. If you travel to Mayabunder, do not forget to pass by this fascinating place.
Rampur Beach Tour Package

Rampur Beach

Rampur Beach is a fantastic place to have some relaxation time. It is isolated from the city and the big crowds. Its isolation is part of its beauty. Because of it, the beach is calm, serene, and striking. Rampur Beach is a fantastic place to travel to if you are visiting Mayabunder. Rampur Beach is not far from Mayabunder. You could book cab in Andaman and reach the beach in no time.


One of the main things you will be doing at this beach is relaxing. Because the area is far away from the city, the atmosphere is calm and serene. If you wish to have some relaxation time, you have to go to Rampur Beach. However, there are only a few hotels in the area; and transportation can sometimes be hard to find too. Nevertheless, there are motorcycle and bicycle rentals. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place while riding bicycles. Cycling is another activity that is popular at Rampur Beach. Tourists often enjoy cycling by the beach.
If you wish to visit this place, consider getting in touch with The Travel Buddy. This agency will help you book your packages.


As mentioned above, there are few hotels near the area. Additionally, the same goes for restaurants.

Finding a restaurant near Rampur Beach can be hard. The best thing you can do if you want to eat by beach is bring your own food and drinks. You can enjoy a peaceful little picnic by the beach. However, make sure you do not litter the place. However, if you really want to eat at a restaurant, you will have to travel a little far.

Although the beach is not as famous as other beaches, it is still as mesmerizing as some of them. The fact that it is isolated from the big crowd makes it even better than some more popular beaches. Rampur Beach is a travel location that is worth going to. You might be surprised by the hidden beauties of this beach.

Pokhadera Beach

Pokhadery Beach is one of the hidden gems found in tour packages to Andaman. This beach is not very famous, but it holds hidden treasures that make traveling to it worth it. Pokhadera Beach is peaceful, and it is not over crowded. The Travel Buddy is a traveling agency that can help you book your vacation to Pokhadera Beach. If you wish to travel to this place, contact them.
3n4d Extravagance Andaman Package


There are very few activities that are available at Pokhadera Beach. If you want to play beach games, you will most likely have to bring your own material, such as your own ball. Pokhadera Beach is not famous for its activities. Its fame comes from its fantastic scenery. Although it is not very popular, its landscapes and views are still mesmerizing. Its scenery touches deep within the soul. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the beauties of nature and to ponder about one’s existence. It is the perfect place to meditate.
Additionally, Pokhadera Beach holds some of the most beautiful views at Mayabunder. If you are a photographer, this place will fill your soul with delight.


It can be difficult to find restaurant near Pokhadera Beach. If you want to eat and drink, you will most likely have to buy food and drinks at the food and drink stalls by the beach. However, if you enjoy eating your own food, you can also bring your own food and drinks. The beach is not famous, so people do not really invest in restaurants near the area. If you want to eat at a proper restaurant, you will probably have to drive back to Mayabunder.

Pokhadera Beach is a hidden gem. You can only see its true beauty when you actually travel to it. It is a beach that will alter your traveling experiences. If you are looking for a traveling location that will change your life, Pokhadera Beach is waiting for you.

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