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Tourist Destination Diglipur


Diglipur is the main tourist destination in the Andaman Islands, which covers everything one expects in an awesome trip. It consists of marine life, greenery, hills, forest, and whatnot. You can find wonderful beaches such as Kalipur beach, Ramnagar beach, Ross N Smith islands, etc. In these places, one can do snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to experience the feel of a real forest, trekking to Alfred caves is the best choice. Turtle nesting is a rare phenomenon that is hard to find in other parts of the nation. That is why many families visit this place by taking family packages to Andaman. 

How to reach diglipur?

To reach Diglipur, you first need to reach Port Blair.  The andaman tour packages with flight first come to this place, and from Port Blair, they start visiting other places. To reach Port Blair, you have direct flights from Kolkata, New Delhi, and Chennai airports. Alternatively, you can reach here by taking cab services. You can even get transportation services from private or government buses. You can even reach by boat from Port Blair and Mayabunder.
How to reach Diglipur

Ross n Smith

It is hard to find any Andaman tour packages which exclude Ross n Smith islands. It is one of the most attractive and visited places in Andaman. Ross and Smith are twin islands that ensure the fantastic sights that will be in your mind till your last days. Even though these two islands are separate islands, it seems one. The reason is both of these islands are connected by the white sand bar. These twin islands are known for beautiful villages, beaches, turquoise water, awe-inspiring tropical rainforest, and many natural beauties. In short, these islands are fascinating. 
Ross _ Smith Island_

Activities to do in Ross n Smith

These islands are near Diglipur, and one can reach here by taking Aerial Bay as the destination using road transport. You need to take an entry and travel permit here. From Aerial Bay, you need to travel around 20 minutes to reach this place. The biggest highlight of this twin-island is the Marine Sanctuary. Here you can watch many rare collections of different types of coral reefs and varieties of colorful fish species. These two islands are home to turtles at a specific time of the year, and many tourists come to watch the nesting of turtles. If you are lucky, you can even see the elephants that are inhabited in the forest. It is the ideal place to enjoy your honeymoon in the middle of nature, and there will be no disturbance from all the buzzing things of city life. That is why many Andaman tour packages for couple includes Ross n Smith in the to be visited places.

Apart from this, like most people, once they see the water, they want to swim and enjoy nature from the ocean. And for those who like adventure activities, they can do swimming and snorkeling activities here. Many visitors well acknowledge these two activities, and the place and setup are ideal for these activities. If you need more adventurers activities, you can perform scuba diving here. If you prefer enjoying yourself with others, you can get the company by finding at the ‘The Travel Buddy’ app.

Restaurants nearby

Hotel Ross and Smith Restaurant is the famous restaurant in this place. In this hotel, you can both veg and non-veg food.  It is famous for seafood and other Indian cuisines. The food quality and taste are excellent, and many visitors prefer this hotel. Biryani, the seafood of this hotel is excellent, and you can get fresh, delicious, and hygienic food here. So, don’t forget to visit this hotel and come out with the satisfaction of getting quality food at reasonable prices. 

Saddle Peak 1

Saddle Peak

Saddle hill, popularly known as Saddle peak, is one of the Andaman and Nicobar islands’ main attractions. It is the highest archipelago point in the entire Bay of Bengal. The peak stands at 731 meters high. This peak is surrounded by the Saddle Peak National Park, which is full of greenery and wildlife. This place is exceptional because with a few miles you can find both peak and ocean. Hence it is becoming the favorite tourist place for thousands of visitors every year. It is another common tourist spot every Andaman Honeymoon packages includes. So, you can also book the packages and spend memorable time here, plus you no need to worry if your partner’s likes and your likes are different. If you need the ocean, you can get it here and the same way; if you want to stand on the highest point in the surrounding, saddle peak is here. 

Activities to do in Saddle Peak

Scaling this peak itself is nothing sort of an adventure. You need more strength and an adventurous heart to climb this peak. The hill is steep in some places, but it can be climbed if you are willing to witness one of the marvelous sights on this earth. You can also have the chance to witness varieties of trees, plants, and other wildlife from this point. In this spot, you can get the feeling of traveling on the cloud. If you visit this place for a honeymoon by taking honeymoon Andaman Nicobar packages, you can feel like you are on cloud nine! On this 731 meters peak, you can see the forest below and plain places ahead of it. This place is well known for rice, oranges, forest products, wildlife, and marine life. You can have a bird view of the entire Diglipur region from this peak. Undoubtedly, it is one of those rare places where you can get peace of mind and experience calm in the middle of nature. If you are looking for other people who are as eager as you to scale this hill, you can find them using The Travel Buddy. 

Restaurants Nearby 

The nearest restaurant is Nobu Malibu, Malibu Farm Restaurant, Marmalade Cafe, V’s restaurant, and bar. These restaurants you can find within the three to four miles range.  The Saddle Peak view resort is the best one to enjoy the dishes in the middle of the forest and greenery. Here you can enjoy delicious and hygienic food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here you can get the varieties of Indian food and seafood is the special here. 

Kalipur Beach and
Turtle Nesting

In the Diglipur region, there are many tourist spots are there. But  Kalipur beach is still a major attraction place since it is well known for turtle nesting. If you book  Andaman family tour packages and want to show interesting things that amaze your kids, it is the right place for you. On this famous beach, every year, thousands of turtles come here to lay eggs and multiply their numbers. Kalipur beach lies behind the Kalipur village. The sight of thousands and thousands of turtles is amazing, and this type of view is very rare to find in any other place in India. In fact, there are only a few places where turtles visit thousands in the nesting period and do their reproduction activities in the world. Hence, if you want to witness a huge number of turtles, it is the best place. In this place, you can find the rarest species of turtles. Kalipur breach is not only a tourist place but also daily you can see many locals here. 

Kalipur Beach

Activities to do in Kalipur Beach

In this place, many people come and witness turtle nesting. If you feel to do something other adventurous things, you can go snorkeling on this beach. Nevertheless, watching turtle nesting is what everyone eager to see in this place, and it is recommended not to miss this fascinating sight if you ever visit Andaman island.

The best time to go for Andaman family tour packages is from October to March. During this time only, many turtles visit this nesting place. Thousands of people eager to watch this phenomenon, and if you are alone and want to enjoy yourself with others, you can find fellow travelers using The Travel Buddy. 

Turtle Nesting: In the nesting season, a vast number of turtles, including Green Turtles, Olive Ridley, Leather Black, and Hawksbill, come here to lay eggs. A plethora of different-sized creatures crawling into the soft sand is a sight to watch at least once in a lifetime. You can watch turtles laying eggs and baby turtles coming out of the eggs if you are lucky enough. They lay eggs at night, and you have to be on the beach after the evening to see this phenomenon. 

Restaurants nearby

The place is known for turtle nesting, and the same name is retained for the nearby restaurant. Turtle Nest Restaurant is a gem of a hotel near Kalipur beach. The hotel staffs are friendly, and they serve the Indian cuisines, but the items they serve are limited. This restaurant serves non-veg food, and seafood tastes excellent here.

Aerial Bay Beach

Aerial Bay Beach

Aerial Bay beach is yet another commonly visited place in Diglipur. It is located at Keralapuram and the beach of this place not too big but beautiful. Even though it is not a big beach like other beaches in the Diglipur region, it has its own importance because of one main reason. The reason is it is the lone seaport in the entire Diglipur region. It is a common bridging point between other islands such as Havelock, Neil, Port Blair, and other places. The ferries are common on this beach, and you can book government ferry in Andaman and enjoy your trip. This is the exact point where you can board a motorboat and reach Ross n Smith, followed by the harbor. Here one can find the local police and coast guard boats patrolling all day along.

Activities to do in Aerial Bay Beach

The aerial bay beach is basically a port, and here you can find many ferries. So, from here you can book a ferry and boat and travel to other parts of Diglipur and other islands. Travel during the night in a boat is a great thing to experience. However, if you want to see the endless sea and the travel during the day, it is ideal. If you need more company, you can find it using The Travel Buddy. 
Here, you can find various Eco huts across the beach, and it is also used by the passengers waiting to board the ferries or other motorboats. If you know how to book government ferry in Andaman, then you can book your trip ahead to Ross N Smith or other places from here using a speed boat. Otherwise, you may need to wait for other people to come and form a group of five to eight people. If you are in a hurry or need more privacy, you can book a five-seater ferry by paying five to six thousand rupees. From this place, you can reach Ross n Smith islands within 15-20 minutes. You can go to Saddle Peak National Park, Lamiya bay, Saddle Peak point, and Kalipur beach from this place.

Restaurants Nearby 

Amaya restaurant is the best choice if you want to satisfy your cravings with delicious and hygienic food. The plus point here is you can even get vegetarian food. It also provides other features such as reservations, parking, outdoor seating, live music, table service, etc.

Craggy island

Craggy Island is one of the places where you can see stunning views and admire nature’s beauty. Nevertheless, if you visit this place, the Andaman tour package cost will feel like nothing. This magical island is just 20 minutes swim away from the famous Kalipur beach. In terms of the size of this island, it is a smaller one. However, in terms of marine life and varieties of fishes, this island is prosperous. Almost every tour packages to Andaman include this spot in their list. 
craggy island

Activities to do in Craggy Island

 If you love doing Snorkeling, this is the right place for you. You can swim and enjoy your time under the clear water. However, only strong swimmers can swim here. Alternatively, one can wander on this beautiful island and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. You can also hire a motorboat and enjoy the ride along with the tides. In Craggy Island, there is a Craggy island climbing center to try something adventurous. In this center, you can get the experience of climbing the rock but without the risk of falling. There are enough precautions and safety measures to provide safer climbing.  You can see different marine life types on this island, including varieties of fishes and other sea creatures. The vibrant coral reef is a thing to look at and admire. The Travel Buddy will assist you in guiding everything you need to see here. 

Restaurants Nearby Craggy Island 

If you are hungry while visiting Craggy island and look for hygienic and delicious food-serving restaurants, there are some hotels and restaurants that can help your cause. One of the restaurants near the craggy island is La Banca. It is famous for its versatile menu and Italian-style food. For those who want to satisfy their cravings for Pizza, it is the best place. Here, you can get seafood also which is tasty. Another good thing, this restaurant is also vegetarian friendly. Also, those who eat only vegan items can eat here. You will get drinks, but the collection of wine is minimal.

If your choice is European or British style, you can visit The Clink Restaurant and enjoy the meal there. Even though it offers British-style food, you can also get vegan and vegetarian-friendly food. The staff and services of this place excellent and it compel you to visit again. 

Alfred caves

Diglipur is full of unexplored caves, and there are over 40 unexplored caves are there. And Alfred caves are the famous out of them. It was named after the scientist who discovered this cave. This limestone cave looks similar to the cave of Baratang, and the dense jungle surrounds this. This cave is amazing but reaching this place is not as easy as you think. Hence, it is not usually included in the family tour packages to Andaman.

Activities to do in Alfred Caves

Without a doubt, visiting this cave is nothing sort of an adventure. The degree of risk this adventure has more or similar to the degree of its beauty. Definitely, this spot is not for the faint-hearted people. To reach this lovely place, one has to go through hard trekking. After traveling for approximately one hour of hardcore trekking in Andaman juggle’s narrow path, this destination can be attained. This journey will become more challenging in the dense forest, and taking a guide is necessary. Like any other trekking, the more people join you, the more fun it will become. Hence you can find fellow like-minded people and make your journey easy and memorable. To find the right partner or partners for your journey, you can take assistance from the ‘The Travel Buddy.’ 
After one hour of trekking, you can able to see two to three limestone caves. Many Andaman tour operators help you explore these caves, and one important thing to remember is it is a real adventurous trip in the forest, and if you are not ready to go through the hardship, it is not the right spot for you. So, do not forget to take a good pair of shoes and plenty of water. The best time to visit this spot is the non-rainy seasons. 

Restaurants Nearby Alfred Caves

Of course, in the middle of the forest, there will be no restaurants or hotels. Hence, you must pack the required food and plenty of water before starting your trekking. But no need to worry, you can find the top-rated restaurants in the north Andaman islands. You can visit and enjoy your time in Hotel Ross and Smith Restaurant or Saddle Peak View Resort. Both restaurants offer excellent Indian food, but you can visit the first one if you prefer seafood. Both the restaurants provide tasty food and excellent services. 

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