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Everything To Be Expected From Andaman

Everything to be expected from Andaman

Everything to be expected from Andaman

Everything To Be Expected From Andaman

Andaman is a wonderland, and it contains all the things a travel enthusiast is looking for. It has beaches, hills, exceptionally grown forests, small islands, caves, historical places, a volcano and what not? So it doesn’t matter you are a mountain person or beach lover; you will get both options on this island. So, let us see what and all you can see and experience in Andaman. 

Beautiful Islands and Beaches

Andaman is an island full of beautiful beaches and islands. The famous beaches and islands of Andaman are Havelock Island, Neil Island, Ross, and Smith Island, North Bay Island, Baratang Island, Diglipur Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Barren Island, etc. All these places are perfect for spending time in the middle of beautiful nature surrounded by blue seas. The popular beaches of Andaman are Elephant beach, Radha Nagar beach, Kala Pathar Beach, Sand Bar beach, Chidiyatapu Beach, Wandoor  Beach, Lalaji Bay each Aamkunj Beach, Laxman Pur Beach. The beaches of this Island are beautiful and ideal for clicking some awesome pics for your social media accounts. The beauty of the scenarios is awesome, and one interesting fact is the picture you can find on the backside of a rupees 20 note is taken from Andaman.

Barren Island – An only active volcano in South Asia

The Andaman Island is a mini world, where you can witness all things from hills, oceans to a volcano. Yes, you heard it right. Barren Island is the only place in South Asia where you can find an active volcano. It is a small island with approximately three kilometers. The first recorded eruption recorded dates back to 1787, and since then, it has recorded about ten more eruptions. The recent ones are observed in 2017 and 2018. This rare phenomenon of nature is located about 140 km away from the capital city of Andaman. This volcano is actually 2 million years old. This island is away from the human inhabitants, and that is why you can see the pristine water, and it is making it one of the best places for scuba diving. Apart from all this, the black sand beach is a sight to watch. If you plan to visit this place for scuba diving, November to February is the best time. 

Exciting water games and experiences

Andaman being an island, you can see the oceans everywhere. Hence, it naturally creates the way for several water games and exciting water sports. Banana boat rides are one such activity; it is a ride with six people on a boat that is similar to a banana. It gives more thrill as waves splashes on your body repeatedly. If you want to see real marine life and its beauty, scuba diving is the best option. You can perform this activity on Neil Island, Havelock Island, North Bay Island, and Chidiatapu. On Neil Island and Havelock, you can get the option of sea walking; it is also a good way to explore marine life. North Bay beach is famous for its glass bottom rides. This activity is conducted in a boat. It looks like a dolphin, and its bottom is made with transparent glass. Hence, you can see all the marine life without wetting yourself a bit. The other exciting water games are kayaking, snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Andaman fishing game, etc. In the Andaman fishing game, you can able to catch huge fishes of different species and learn more about fishing as well as fishes. 

Turtle nesting

One of the unique attractions of Andaman is turtle nesting. Watching an adult turtle laying eggs or baby turtles coming out of the eggs is a sight to watch. This is an extraordinary experience, and it is unable to experience in other parts of India. The fun thing is even if you are lucky, then only you can watch this beautiful phenomenon in Andaman. You can see four kinds of turtles nesting in Andaman: Green Turtle, Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley. During the nesting months, thousands of female turtles come to the beaches to dig holes. Inside the holes, they lay eggs. The turtles generally make 3 to 7 nests and deposit about 100 eggs on each nest. These eggs take 45 to 90 days to hatch, depending on the weather condition. 

Unique wildlife and tall peak

The fun in Andaman doesn’t end here. You can also expect the tiredness filled with the accomplishment of joy in trekking. You can trek and see the different flora and fauna of Andaman Island. It also houses limestone caves. Alfred’s caves are one of those and reaching there is a real treat for adventure and nature-loving people. If you want to go away from all the oceans and experience the cool breeze of a hill, you can do that in saddle peak. It stands 731 meters tall from sea level, and it is the highest peak in Andaman. 

Overall, you can get everything on this beautiful Island. 

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