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Beautiful Andaman Islands

Andaman Trip-My Experience

Andaman Trip-My Experience

Beautiful Andaman Islands

Last Monsoon, I, along with a couple of my buddies, undertook a short visit to the Andaman Islands. The following is an extract from my diary.

The beautiful Andaman Islands are the group of Indian Islands in the Bay of Bengal. There approximately 300 known islands filled with white-sand beaches, palm trees, mangroves, and dense tropical rainforests. You do not need an inner line permit to visit the Andaman Islands.

Native Andaman Islanders dwell in the more far-flung islands; many of these beauties are off-limits to tourists.

Most people in Andaman speak Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, and English.

You can find a sufficient number of ATMs in Port Blair city to withdraw money, but it is wise to carry cash when visiting the islands of Havelock, Neil, North Andaman, or Little Andaman.

Andaman is an expensive place to travel, don’t get me wrong. This means the flight costs to reach Port Blair are costly compared to other routes.

Plan your trip in advance, so what is the best season to visit Andaman?

It depends; winter is the most popular season, however since it is peak season, it gets crowded.

I have traveled during the monsoons; you can lower your trip cost if you plan your trip to Andaman trip in advance.

You can even consider visiting Andaman during autumn.

However, inter-island ships may be irregular during monsoons.

I gathered that summers are the best season for scuba diving, sea walking, or snorkeling.

The best way to see the Andaman Islands is by car.   You can easily hire a car from your travel agent or the hotel you are staying in. Remember one thing, there is not a sufficient number of self-driven car services in Port Blair city, so the ideal way of sightseeing the Port Blair city basically is by hiring a car service.

There is no Ola or Uber service in Port Blair city; however, autos are running in the city, which you can easily hire.

Hop on and hop off accommodations are available with a wide variety of hotels and staying options in the Andaman Islands depending on comfort amenities price.

Please be aware that there are still no rules that allow you to go camping in the Andaman Islands; however, one can set up their own tent on private land after taking permission from the landowner.

I have listed below the places I visited. However, there are many more islands to visit, lack of time prevented me from doing so.

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is connected by both air & sea and is famous as the gateway to these islands.

It looks a lot like other cities in India, with restaurants, resorts, hotels, and shops adorning the streets.  Apart from this, it has its history in India’s fight for freedom. ​ You might have heard of Kaalapani that was heavily used by the English people for deporting India’s political prisoners. Today it is one of the prominent tourist destinations in this Islands and the center of all tourist happening around this place.

In Port Blair, you can visit Ross Island, North Bay Island, Corbyn Cove beach, and Wandoor beach.

Havelock Island is situated 70 K.M from the capital Port Blair. The island prides itself as one of the well-defined places of attraction with a perfect combination of tropical forest and beach with white sand.

Neil Island is known for its unmatched uncharted cover of thick tropical forests and greenery and its white-sand beaches and rich coral reefs.  Neil Island is just right for people who’d like to have a slack holiday in Andaman, far from the city clamor, and for those who want complete calmness.

North Bay is an isolated island that covers over a relatively medium area and is generally visited by tourists on a day trip to Ross Island and North Bay.  There are not many sightseeing options for visitors other than the seashore and tropical forest; it is one of the best places for Water Sports in the Andaman Islands.

The beach is white sand and sheltered by dark, stifling trees with a sprinkling of huts and wooden benches to set the feel.

Our last leg was in Ross Islands; this place is named after British Daniel Ross, now named the “Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Island.”

It is a tiny location with the popular Water Sports Complex, and it makes it one of the effortless inter-islands to visit on your beautiful trip to Andamans.

Ross Island brings a bit of history. Britishers used the island as Administrative HQ for 85 years. Now, this island is under Indian Navy Control. Ross Island is a house for many churches, one small museum, Smritika. This museum shows the reminiscence of British ruling and their way of life. On this island, I saw the British colony and the ruins; it reminded the days of our freedom struggle.

The overall experience of the Andaman tour is excellent and gives many unforgettable experiences.

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