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We Will Deliver America's Highway Travelers To Your Door!
We sell rooms by the thousands 24/7/365 and we can sell empty rooms for you!

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Consider These Facts...
  • All hotels/motels have some empty rooms.
  • Over 60% of highway travelers do not have reservations tonight.
  • Unsold rooms equal ZERO $ INCOME!
  • Unsold rooms have about the same expense as sold rooms.
  • It is total income, not ADR that improves your bottom line.

A 100-room property at 70% occupancy still has 10,950 empty unsold rooms each year. We can sell many of these empty unsold rooms for you – turning this lost income into more dollars in your daily deposit. We do it everyday for our clients now!

The MidwestTravelBuddy Advantage

  • Better Presentation of Your Property
    Our quality is obvious. All our MidwestTravelBuddy Travel Guide books are published in full-color glossy print. We have never published in black and white or on newsprint.
  • More Copies Printed Per Year
    The MidwestTravelBuddy is currently printing over 2 million copies per year and we continue to increase printing volume with each new issue.
  • Better Distribution - Second To None
    The MidwestTravelBuddy is distributed in over 1,800 of our own personalized display racks on over 17,000 miles of Interstates, including ALL the State Tourist Information Centers and state rest areas, in our 7 state coverage area... averaging one every 8 miles. In addition, our book is distributed on many State Highways that carry heavy traffic to and from the Interstates.
  • Continuing Product Enhancements
    We at MidwestTravelBuddy are dedicated to the continued improvement of our distribution system and to that end we invest in personnel that are dedicated exclusively to seeking out more and better distribution points.
  • Included Internet Coverage
    With MidwestTravelBuddy your ad and map are also on our popular website at no additional charge that has been producing room sales for eleven years. Our website is listed in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Visitors to our website continue to grow, improving your exposure.Website traffic has increased 32% over the previous year. Go see us at www.mwtravelbuddy.com.

You do have a choice when advertising. Why not choose the leader in quality, distribution and return on investment?

The Midwest... We Have It Covered - For You!


Get all the facts for yourself, then decide!
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